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Transformer Replacement Project

Fording River Mine

Fording River in southeastern British Columbia is home to one of many steelmaking coal operations in Western Canada. The coal produced at this operation is used for steel that is exported internationally by sea.  

As a team, REV was thrilled to have won the bid for a job upgrading equipment at the Fording River mine. Upgrades were required for the mines 15kV switchgear and plants transformers, which called for a series of operations.

REV engineered and designed all electrical, civil and structural components and supplied the new 15kV switchgear in a prefabricated building with new structural support columns. This called for:

  1. 15kV, 1200A, switchgear, main breaker, disconnect, & PT drawer, 10-2 high feeder breakers, 751A relays and an internal 50KVA SS transformer.
  2. 190AH battery bank.
  3. Building services: lighting, smart card door locks, fire alarm, HVAC, etc.

REV also manufactured two concrete transformer pads with containment and fencing, 3 new 2MVA, 13800:600V transformers and 3 new 4MVA, 13800:2400V transformers. The three existing 3MVA 13800:2400V transformers were also refed and REV took care of all installation and commissioning. A 72-hour outage was proposed for tie in.

With so many elements contributing to the completion of this project, we want to give a big thank you to everyone that was a part of making it such a success!

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