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Responsibly and Reliably
Powering Industry


From initial concepts to ‘power on’.

Field Services

Expertise built from experience.


Designs, studies, and support systems


Purpose–Built Equipment & Solutions

Hardwired for Performance

Our products are designed for optimal performance in the most rugged conditions in North America.


Knowledgeable Design.

New & Retrofit Applications

Innovative thinking and years of experience come together to create the best designed solutions for every job.


Trusted Service

Most Reliable Emergency Responder

With a diverse team of skilled specialists, we offer our clients the fastest rate of emergency response within our industry.

Manufacturing +
Field Service +

The BEST High Voltage Solution
from concept to “Power ON”.

Innovation at Every Step.

Custom design, fabrication and maintenance services to fit YOU.

REV’s centralized array of design, fabrication and field service expertise is unique to the electrical engineering industry in North America.

Certified Performance.

Standardized custom solutions