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Brookfield Retrofit

Bankers Hall, Calgary AB

Bankers Hall is comprised of two 52-storey office buildings, meeting the highest standards in Brookfield Properties with its excellent location and sophisticated architectural build. REV was requested to help the Bankers Hall building in modernizing its electrical equipment. This included the retro-fit of their preferred and alternate 25kV circuit breakers.

The SF6 circuit breaker was replaced with a vacuum circuit breaker in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the technology. REV also performed bus work to the existing breaker in order for it to be well adapted. Both circuit breakers were replaced within one day which became an extraordinary achievement for our team. 

After installation, REV took care of commissioning the new REV switchgear in order to ensure longevity and a safe working system for the future.

Project Details




Brookfield Properties Bankers Hall building was in need of some equipment modernization with its circuit breakers.


Our team went onsite to replace both circuit breakers and later performed commissioning work to ensure longevity of the system.


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