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Canbriam Energy

Designs and on Site Field Services

In 2015 REV was awarded a project from Canbriam Energy Inc. which is known for its work with liquid rich and over-pressured natural gas resources in Western Canada. Subsurface study was undertaken by Canbriam across the Montney formation in Northeast British Columbia which resulted in a new concentration in the Altares region.

REV was put to the test to design, build and provide on site commissioning services to a 5kV switchgear building along with a VFD building for Canbriam’s Altares sweet gas facility. The entire project was completed in two separate phases, to which REV completed both.

REV designed and manufactured both the main 5kV switchgear and VFD building for this project, later assisting with VFD commissioning. Onsite commissioning services included relay, generator, circuit, motor starter and cable termination testing as well as relay programming. REV also assisted with generator tuning and start up support.

Overall, this project provided REV with the opportunity to put our best foot forward and complete an outstanding collection of work.

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Canbriam Energy Inc. was in need of two buildings at their sweet gas facility as well as onsite commissioning for both buildings along with cable terminations and start up assistance.


REV provided both the main 5kV switchgear VFD building as well as all of the on site services.


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