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Oil Circuit Breaker Replacement

Greenhills Mine Operation

With our wide range of capabilities we’ve found our expertise at REV useful in many different industries, one being Western Canada’s mining operations. TECK’s Greenhills Operation, located in the Elk Valley of British Colombia is one of the steelmaking coal operations that REV provides services for. The steelmaking coal produced out of Greenhills is exported by sea to many places including the Asia-Pacific region. The coal is shipped from the mine site by rail to port terminals in Vancouver, where larger vessels carry it to TECK’s target markets.

REV was awarded a project with TECK to replace the main 240kV oil circuit breaker at the Greenhills mine. The existing breaker was old and contained a large amount of oil that was going bad and therefore needed replacement. The compressor also showed to have issues and needed to be renewed.

A cost analysis was undertaken to compare the price of only replacing the oil to the cost of installing an entirely new breaker. Once calculated it became apparent that it was more cost effective to completely replace the breaker, and so the Siemens SPS2 SF6 circuit breaker was installed. The breaker has been up and running successfully since the completion of this project.

Project Details




TECK had an old breaker that contained oil that was going bad.


REV discovered the breaker that needed improvement at TECK’s Greenhills Mine Operation. After this was determined REV performed a cost analysis which led to the realization that it was necessary to install a new breaker all together. The new breaker was installed and has been up and running smoothly every since.


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