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Protection & Control Retro-fit

Greenhills Main Substation

With our wide range of capabilities we’ve found our expertise at REV useful in many different industries, one being Western Canada’s mining operations. TECK’s Greenhills Operation, located in the Elk Valley of British Colombia is one of the steelmaking coal operations that REV provides services for. The steelmaking coal produced out of Greenhills is exported by sea to many places including the Asia-Pacific region. The coal is shipped from the mine site by rail to port terminals in Vancouver, where larger vessels carry it to TECK’s target markets.

REV was awarded a project with TECK to replace the main 240kV protection and control at the Greenhills mine. At first it was discussed that REV would only replace the breaker in order to modernize what was already in place. However, after looking at the amount of wiring that was involved it was noticed that the old panels were old and had been worn over time. These older panels were determined to be inadequate and a decision was made to replace the protection and control entirely. All new control cables were put in and all AC and DC panels were replaced. What resulted was an entirely new substation.

After everything was pre-wired our team at REV tied in the loose ends and the Greenhills Operation officially had 3x69kV breakers, a new 138kV breaker and PT circuits. Some great decisions and hard work were put in to this project which turned out to be a massive accomplishment for our team.

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Protection and control panels needed to be replaced in order to modernize and improve the equipment.


REV was brought in to replace the protection and control at the Greenhills mine. What resulted was an entirely new substation.


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